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Nanotechnology is a huge area of study and particularly investigating a small object down to atomic level. The application of nanotechnology is huge, and the science of nanotechnology serve as the fundamental to build microdevices for use technology and engineering. This book is a collection of the current research of heterojunction devices, synthesis of gold nanoparticles, analysis of the behavior of titanium dioxide thin film, review on graphene-based sensors, micromixers development based on microfabrication nanotechnology, application of silver nanoparticles, fabrication of light emitting diode (LED) using low temperature process, novel P-type transparent conductive oxide substrate, and also failure analysis in microelectronic industry. These researches are only possible with state-of-the-art and sophisticated equipment available in Microelectronic and Nanotechnology-Shamsuddin Research Center (MiNT-SRC), Institute for Integrated Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. This book is the essence of the research that have been established for years in micro- and nanotechnology by our researchers, scientists, engineers and postgraduate students. MiNT-SRC offers excellent analytical equipment and conductive research environment in nurturing many industries demanded graduates under the financial support of Malaysia government. The success of the center is manifested by millions of external research grants secured, industrial -International collaborations. consultancy requested by industries, talents developed, training provided, publications in high impact factor journals, increased citations per publication, in future, MiNT-SRC endeavor to lead in translating nanotechnology into new micro-and nano-devices that are useful in solving industry and community problems.


Tissue Engineering Strategies for Organ Regeneration addresses the existing and future trends of tissue engineering approaches for organ/tissue regeneration or repair. This book provides a comprehensive summary of the recent improvement of biomaterials used in scaffold-based tissue engineering, and the tools and different protocols needed to design tissues and organs. The chapters in this book provide the in-depth principles for many of the supporting and enabling technologies including the applications of BioMEMS devices in tissue engineering, and the combination of organoid formation and three dimensional (3D) bioprinting. The book also highlights the advances and strategies for regeneration of three-dimensional microtissues in microcapsules, tissue reconstruction techniques, and injectable composite scaffolds for bone tissue repair and augmentation.